Next round tickets in pre-sale

Hey friends,

weekend tickets are available now for 24 €!

Duben / Květen // April / May – 600 CZK / 24 EUR (via & e-mail –


Go for tickets!

Hey Punx,

countdown is running… the weekend tickets for FEAR FEST are till 31.03.18 available for 22,- €! Zbývá ještě deset dní, kdy si můžete koupit voucher / e-ticket za 550 Kč / Ten days left to buy voucher / e-ticket for only 22 EUR. From abroad Payment via PayPal.



Dear Picnic Friends,

we have to thank you so much! It was a big party with fucking great bands! Thank you for coming all over the world and for supporting our scene! We are very happy, that everybody enjoyed the weekend! Thanks to all bands for playing amazing shows! You was incredible kindly to us! Special thanks to FEAR OF EXTINCTION – the organizer team of Punx Picnic! You made a great job! Well, see you next year!

Here more PhotosAnd here and here




Hey Friends…

Yesterday was great shows and we thanks to all bands and helping hands for a very fabulous punx picnic Friday. And now is time for more! Hell Yeah!